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Udon Thani - info.

Hi-- My name is Magne and I came from the west coast in Norway, Haugesund... The climate in Haugesund is very wet and windy, but the nature around with the fjords, is one of the most beautiful in the world.


Now I live in Udon Thani in Thailand, where the climate is very good. We have a few weeks of heavy rain and after that very nice weather..My wife and me, travel/drive a lot around in Thailand when we not play golf. You find the tour-files on the headline.


Udon Thani is located on an elevated plateau about 170-180m above sea-level. An hour's flight northeast of Bangkok..Climate is slightly cooler than Bangkok. The whole "County" Udon Thani consists of about 2 million inhabitants + -. Udon has the most of what a foreigner (farang) need. Immigration police, large shopping center Central Plaza, many restaurents and bars, temples and church, horse-racing course, airport, buss-station and train. Udon has 3 different golf courses and four driving ranges that are described in another chapter. Udon is a super place to live and to start your many tours around in Thailand. At this time, 2014, many condominiums are growing up everywhere.


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Udon Thani restaurents.

Central Plaza shopping center, 4th floor are many different restaurents. The basement's Tops food center and so called "food park" where you will find good and cheap food and a small bar. Around in Udon you will find many type of restaurents..


UD Town, is a newer neighborhood in Udon and there are also many restaurents and shopping and marketplaces.



Udon Thani Condominiums.


1. Lumpini

2. CP-land (2 places in Udon)

3. Aspire

4. The base




Udon Thani

Play-grounds and swimming

1. Water World.

2. Play Port swimming pools.

3. Usotel Waterland

Nong Prajak public park.


This is a very beautiful and practical park in centrum of Udon. Here you can feed big fishes in the lake around the park, or you can do your exercises while the children are playing in the children's playground close by. There is many types of exercise equipments and also many things for the children. And it is all free of charge..

The Chineese Temple in Udon Thani, is also an interesting place to visit. It will tell you about Udon's history and there is a small, beautiful garden..


Udon Thani City-Museum....

This museum is an old school for girls, located at the south end of Nong Prajak Park at Phosri road. Interesting history about Udon Thani..Every room has a push button to activate TV or scenes.. Cost nothing, but you can put some money in the box where you get a brochure info about the museum. Nice parkingplace..