Long tours 1



Long tours 1.

Contents - innhold.


1- 2: Vientiane Laos.

3+8+21. Bangkok

4. Chiang Khan

5. That Phanom - Mukdahan

6. Chiang Mai

7. Chiang Rai

8+21. Bangkok.

9. Pattaya

10+18. Khao Yai district

11. Cha Am, Hua Hin

12. Phuket

13. Phu Ruea

14. Khao Kho

15. Buriram

16. Khantaralaki

17. Phi Mai

18. Khao Yai district

19. Suphan Buri - best Zoo

20. Kanchana Buri, brdg Qwai

21+8+3 Bangkok

Boonrod tea-farm, Chang Rai.

1. Vientiane, Laos. 16.-18./7- 2013. (Little bit outside Thailand)

Lived in Best Western Vientiane Hotel: Close to riverside and good international restaurant.. Visit this tower and a temple in the center..


2. Vientiane 7.-9./8- 2013

Lived in Vansana Riverside Hotel. Ok, but no more.


3. Bangkok 30/5- 10/6-2013

Lived in Luxor Hotel: Very good hotel and a very good breakfast, but many Chinese were very noisy.


In Bangkok we visit:

a) The Chocolate Ville restaurant

b) Floating market

c) Siam Paragon shoppingcenter. Visit the aquarium among many things in the cellar

d) Dream world

e) Siam Park City

f) Bayuke Tower restaurant

g) Samphan elephant ground and zoo. Here is the best elephant show you ever see, and just

beside this, you will see the crazy crodille show.

h) Autthaya


i)There is also an other big zoo- Bangkok zoo. Very big..



4. Chiang Khan 13.-14./7-2013

We lived in Chic Chiang Khan Hotel N17o53'49'' E101o39'37'': very small room and a extreme small shower, no service at all, no restaurant. Room include breakfast, but had to cross the street to a dirty restaurant to get breakfast. Only eat for 50 thb. Price for the room was very high, but the balcony was nice and big with view along the river.

“Walking street” open at time 18.00. Many small shops and some beautiful houses..

5. That Phanom og Mukdahan 31/8-1/9-2013

We lived in That Phanom River View Hotel N16o56'46'' E104o43'44''. Ok room with a good balcony and nice breakfast.

Visit the very beautiful temple:


5 b) Mukdahan.

On our way home we took a trip to Mukdahan and visit the Tower museum in Mukdahan center, very interesting. Mukdahan has also a very beautiful friendship bridge to Laos.

The bridge in Mukdahan, has many nice figures:


6. Chiang Mai 3/11-8/11-2013

and 29/11-6/12-2016

We lived in Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel both times.. Very nice and a very good breakfast buffet.

We visit:


a) Chiangmai Sudaluck, custom making of teak & rosewood furniture.. Very beautiful wood carving . And just beside you can see how they are making special handmade umbrella. Also the second time, we visit Sudaluck tree-carving, beside we also visit a tree-carving village named Baan Taiwa...


b) Art in Chiang Mai. Very special 3D paintings.

c) The White Temple.. Must see..Close to Chiang Rai..


d) Chiang Mai Zoo – to feed jaguars and

leopards. It is a big zoo with many animals.

e) The highest spot in Thailand, 2565 m.

f) Doi Intanong - Two big towers on top of a mountain, one for the King

and one for the Queen. Very beautiful garden with many flowers and a

great views..


g) Doi Suthep - Big round temple top of a mountain. Had to take

a steep railway the last way. Interesting.


Close by, there is also a Jade factory. They show a film about this jewel stone. And you can also walk around and look how they are making beautiful jade-jewels.

h) “Long Neck” village. ( 1000 baht entry) but very interesting place.

i) See waterfall no 5 in Thailand. OK, beautiful place..

j) Village name: HillTribes Village 1300 m above sealevel. We

parked the car below Wat Pratad Doi Suthep and took a

taxi, 400 thb, a few km to this village.The road is very

narrow, but the taxi driver drove carefully.. On the way back

to the car, we stopped little bit at Bhubing Palace..As you

see on the photo, you can borrow long, beautiful pants...

k) Wat Pratat Doi Kham, 400 mas. Nice view.


L) Pha Chor ( a kind of Grand Canyon) Very beautiful

place with giant honey bee cakes, Remember bring

with you a couple of waterbottles.

m) Grand Canyon, swimming and bathing-place..

Also looks like G.Canyon, but a playground for

swimmers, also a climbing-wall above the water.

Parking-lot among rubber-trees.

n) Royal Park Rachapruek. 200 thb p.p include bus.

A very, very beautiful and big Royal flowerpark. We visit

in december 3. and the park have free guided busses,

you can jump off and on, after finish look around

different places...

o) Mon Jam. 1230mas. Beautiful view..Narrow road..

p) Sankampaeng Hot Springwater,30km outside centrum..

They let the water into a pond, so you can boil egg...

Smells little bad, but ok...

7. Chiang Rai 8/11-10/11-2013

We lived in Nak Nakara Hotel. Very good welcome in the reception. Ok room and breakfast.

Vi besøkte:

a) Hot Spring, between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

It smells sulfur..

b) Singh Park (Boonrod farm), Teafarm, guided tour, very ok.



c) The aspecial big clock in centrum of Chiang Rai. Start play

music time 7 PM and chang colors. Also play 8 and 9 PM.

The man who made The White Temple, also made this


d) The Golden Triangel—with visit to the “opium house”-

Museum. We take photo from Thailand. Behind me is

Mekong River. To left side is Burma and right side is Laos.


e) Doi Tung Royal Villa—Summerhouse for the Kings mother.

A very beautiful place and garden. But you have to wear

long pants(borrow by entrance) and the lady can't show the



8. (+21) Bangkok 27/11- 1/12-2013


Lived in Asia Hotel.. Some little, old rooms, but ok. From the second floor you have direct access to the skytrain (BTS). Many restaurents in reception area. Try Brazilian barberque buffet.. Very good service... The biggest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (about 800 thb), but very delicious.

9. Pattaya 1/12-5/12-2013 and 6/6-12/6-2014


Sandy Spring Hotel… OK room breakfast not include, but they have restaurant to make br.fast. ok

Second time we lived at Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel: Big and clean hotel with a very, very delicious breakfast... Just about crossing the street from Mimosa..


a) Mimosa –watershow/music time 17:00 and evening at 19:00

b) Art in Paradise. ( 3 D) Very good.

c) Pattaya park Tower- big buffet. Wires from the roof to the ground, if you want the

short way down..

d) Silver Lake wine-yard- E100o 57'52,7'' N12o 45'37,5'' and buddha made with laser to a mountain. Same way..

e) Nongnooch Garden and flower park

f) Rayong and Sathahib beach and boats..

g) Pattaya floating market. Ok.



h) Magical ice of Siam- E100o58'32,5'' N12o 58' 08,5'' - Inside had -10 degree C, but very


i ) Sanctuary of truth - E 100o 53' 26,9'' N12o 58' 10,8'' - Temple of tree-carving. High

quality workers. All temple made of tree-carving..

j ) Upside/down Pattaya-- close to Silver Lake, point d).. Interesting place..


10. Khao Yai district Pak Chong 410 km from Udon Thani.

13/2-17/2-2014 and 27/3-1/4-14 and 1/4-3/4-14 and 26/5-30/5 -

2015 and last time: 1- 5/10-15 (continue chapter 18)


San Paisan Resort:. A nice and quiet place, but just about no breakfast, but good service.


Palio Inn… Ok to stay there, inside Palio… Breakfast in a small cafe close by or walk over to Balios Resort, 2-300 meter away...


Balios Resort and hotel: Very good breakfast and a nice garden for badmington. Placed about 100 m from Palio entrance. Here we stay every time now.


We have visit:


a) Khao Yai national park with wild monkeys, deers and wild elephants (if you are

lucky) Entrance money 400 baht for farang. 40 for Thai and 50 for the car.


Wild elephant.

b) Palio-looks like an Italian village. Beautiful to take photo’s. Restaurents &

bars.. Check out the 4D simulator… Very good..


c) Flower park. and d) The Bloom.

e) ChokChai farm. Steakhut had a very delious pepper biff.


f) Bonanza Zoo – lions, tigers, orangutang and many more. Can feed small

lions with milk, inside the fence.


g) Toscana Valley

h- a) PB Valley winery- take a guided tour with free wine tests. (but the

tour cost …)

h- b) Village Farm and Winery... Ok place to look around. OK restaurent.


i) Panorama Farm..—see how to make mushroom. Can also buy

mushroom. Restaurent. Now they also have a resort with swimmingpool,

so you can stay overnight.

j) Cup of love – sheep farm.. Relaxing restaurent.. Can also have a look or give

food to the sheep


k) Primo Piazza -- Lama animals.. Relaxing, give food to the Lama's.


L) Secret art garden..—A very special garden with many interesting things and

arts... Also show room with very beautiful tree-carving.. Amazing..


m) Khao Yai art museum. Some ok paintings.

n) Pak Chong Thongsomboon Club 29/5-15.


The new combow-village and amuzing park in Pak Chong… Ok.

Interesting..Many things to do...


o) Khao Yai Floating Market.. Many flowers, birds and shop...

11. Cha Am 3/4-5/4-2014 + many times more,

and Hua Hin in february 2014 and october 2015..

In Cha Am, we have lived et Unico Grand Sandara Hotel several times.. Very nice hotel. Close to the beach. Good breakfast.


In Hua Hin, we lived at City Beach Hotel. Nice hotel. 200m from the beach. Good breakfast and service....

In october 2015, we lived at G Hua Hin Resort & Mall... Ok hotel..


a) Visit the restaurent “Lucky seafood restaurant” in a fishing village, 10

min north of Cha Am. Just follow the beach road. Very nice to sit and

look the fishing boats going in and out from the village.. If you lucky, you

can also see big, swimming iguana's.. Look closer to a photo between 2



b) Also visit Hua Hin mountain wineyard.. Tested a couple of wines with

dessert... Very delicious..


c) Big Buddha.


d) Between Cha Am and Hua Hin, you will find the King's summer palace

and the tourist-place Venieze among others..


e) A few hundred metres west of Cha Am, you will find the national Park

with wild monkeys..


12. Phuket 11-18/9-2014..


Lived at Phuket Chaba Hotel. Good farang-hotel with good breakfast. Good information in the reception.


a) Visit views from mountain to the ocean.. Not very high, but ok.


b) Attended the cabaret show: Phuket Simon Cabaret.. Ok music and

show..800 thb, include hotel-taxi from the hotel.


c) Phuket Trikeye Museum is good 3D paintings. Very funny to take

photos there.


d) Dino-Park minigolf: Very nice minigolf. 18 holes made in between

dino’s and mountain and good nature. One of the best thing with Phuket.


e) Big Buddha on top of the mountain.. OK views. Can see elephant along the



f) The seafood shops left of the Rawai Landing Pier were very good. You can

buy the seafood direct from the shop and you turn around and let the

restaurant prepair the food for you.


13. Phu Ruea national park 3-5/10-2014.


Lived at Phurua Resort. A very beautiful place and resort. The small river just beside, with the beautiful waterfall was amazing…


a) Phu Ruea National Park with amazing views… We walked the last 1 km to

the toppoint, but you can also take pick-up taxi 10 thb, one way…


b) Wineyard- Tested some of the wines, but little too dry.. We did not get a taste

of the sweet wines..


c) The mask museum in centrum was special. Free to go and have a look.


d) We also visited a orchid-park in an other resort. The also had some animals

like emu and horses etc.


e) Route 21.. Ok made for tourists.. London-bus and flowers…


14. Khao Kho, 6-10/11-2014 and 6/12-7/12-2016


We lived at Maethaneedol Khaokor Resort.. It was a beautiful place to live, but no further comments on that..


We visit many places, top of mountains, strawberry and cabbage-farms... Interesting places, but cold and fog..



B ) Khao Kho.

Second time, we lived at Bann Mai Sai Mhog resort. The owners were very, very kind people. The place was beautiful, with big balcony.. But sorry that day was very cold and windy.


15. Buriram, 24-27/6-2015.

We lived in Thada Chateau Hotel.. No lifts, so it was ok to stay in first floor... Ok swimmingpool and the breakfast buffet ok.


We visit:

1) Prasat Muang Tam : Hindo religious...School of Khmer art from 1100

century.. AD

2) Khao Phnom Rung Historical Park. Built of stones from an old volcano.

. Constructed between 11th and 12 th century Ad... Religious sanctuary.

3) Buriram Football Club..-- Number 1 in Thailand..


Thunder Castle is the name of stadium. About 33.000 seats..One of the photos show a model of how it is built up.

4) Surin Elephant Village 66 km from Buriram.

Only 100 thb for farang to entry and 30 thb for thai ID. Price include a 1 hour show.

. Funny. Riding elephants cost 100 thb for about 20 minutes...The company get some

economic support from the government, but it is not enough money for food. Some

times they have to sell elephants to buy food.. They hope to get more tourists and

visitors so they mange to buy enough food to the elephants...

16. Khantaralak City. 27-29/6-2015


Lived at Prasopsookvilla Hotel in centrum of the city. Good parkingplace behind. Good service, but no breakfast. Sell beer etc in the reception. Big rooms. Many restaurents and 7/11 close by..


We visit:


1) Khao Prawihan, the area of war/battle between Thailand and Cambodia some

years ago(maybe 2011)

2) The Temple made of bottles..

17. Phimai 29-30/6-2015.


We lived at Phimai Paradise Hotel... Nice swimmingpoll. Can order breakfast, but a nice ricesoup for free..Big room... Ok service. Restaurents close by..


1) We visit Phimai Historical Park, only 150 metres away from hotel..

18. Khao Yai district 1-5/10-15.

We lived this time too Balios hotel..


Visit a new plaze named the Maze N 14o 34'45'' E 101o 25'54'' .

Interesting plaze.

19. Suphan Buri. 167 km from Balios Hotel Khao Yai.

N 014o28,469 E 100o 7,450 : to VasidteeCity Hotel..Bad hotel. Extreme music noize from a neighbour bar/nightclub. Had to move to an other room in the middle of the night..


1.. Dragon Village:

2.. Sam Chok. Market 100 years old.

3.Special lake with zoo and flower park and aquarium..

4..City tower and Buffalo Village.

20. Kanchana Buri, 8-9/10-15.

92 km from Suphan Buri.. We lived at River Qwai Bridge Resort at the river side..Very nice resort.. Nice rooms and good breakfast..We had a walk on that special bridge and the close by war-museum.. Just right and down of the bridge, there was a very good and big buffet restaurent.. 200 thb pr.person...You may need one extra day in this area if you want to take a tour with the train of death.. Very special railway..

21.+8. Bangkok 13-16/10-15. Asia Hotel again.

We had to eat the big Brazilian bbq again.. It is heaven..

On our way to Bangkok, we visit the special market with the train comming through the market and one of the floating markets..


In Bangkok, we visit the Asiatique. Very interesting with many restaurents and funny things..


We also had a visit toThe Ancient City..Also very interesting..Have to rent a buggy to come around. Big area...