Day-tours from Udon Thani - 1


Contents - innhold:


1. Kumphawapi-monkeypark

2. Phu Phrabat Historical Park

3. Dinosaur-park

4. Kaeo Ku, Nong Khai giant-statues

5. Aquarium, Nong Khai

6. Ban Chiang museum

7. Erawan Cave

8. Phu Faulom

9. Kumphawapi Lotus lake

10. Ubonrat Dam & golf

10 B. Zoo, Khon Kaen

11. Chiang Khan

12. Than Thong Waterfalls

13. Phupan Noy cliffs

14. Kham Chanot

15. Mekong River, Nong Khai

16. The Green Temple

17. PC Cowboy Town

18. Wat Pha Tak Suea view

19. Udon Water World.

20. Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum

21. Phu Tok

22. Chet Si Waterfalls. Beautiful.




Day-tours from Udon Thani - 1

Photo below is from The Green Temple.

Story below.

1. Monkey-park

Walking among the monkeys in the park in Kumphawapi. Drive south from ring road 216, on the road no 2, little more than 30 km. You see the name of the city Kumphawapi to the left.




2. Phu Phrabat Historical Park.

Drive 13-14 km north from ringroad 216, Udon, towards Nong Khai. Take road 2021 left to Ban Phu 45 - 50 km. Pass Ban Phu 12-14 km, on road 2348, and look for signs about historical Park, or ask some people. This was a kingdom. They lived

here for about 2-3000 years ago. Very interesting place.


Remember to bring with you at least a couple of bottles each, with water. If you want to see

everything and study littlebit, the walk can easy take a couple of hours. Ask for map, same place

you pay for the entrance.

3. Dinosaur-park and fossile-museum.

Drive from Udon Thani towards Nong Bua Lam Phu on road 210, about 34-36 km. Look for Dinosaur on right side of the road.

4. Giant statues east of Nong Khai City, Kaeo Ku.

Follow road nu 2(and 233) to Nong Khai City. Turn right on road 212. Drive 6- 8 km and look right for Sala Kaeo Ku.In this park you will find giant statues, can feed big fishes and there is a big museum. In the 3rd floor you see a dead munk. He has been dead many years ago, but he looks like dead yesterday..


5. Nice aquarium not far from Nong Khai.

Take to left on road no 2 a few km before Nong Khai.(road to friendship bridge). 1-2 km take left to University and the aquarium. They also have a tunnel made of glas to walk through...


6. Ban Chiang Heritage Museum.

Along road 22 east from Udon, about 45 km. Look for sign of Heritage to left side. Interesting museum. Situation from 5000 years ago. ..


7. Erawan Caves.

Drive about 45 km passed Nong Bua Lam Phu on road 210 towards Loei. Look for signs or ask the people.

614 stairs(or 1127 steps) to come up to the cave with a big Budda. Then walk into the cave. 1330 steps to the opening end.



8. Phu Faulom .

Drive south from Udon Thani, on road 2 and turn right to Sithani Golf Forest (must take a U-turn before drive in to that road. When you have passed the golf forest, look for signs along the road which show you the way. Many beautiful flowers in late december and a nice view to Udon..

A few km before this place you will also find a popular waterfall.


9. Kumphawapi's red Lotus flowers in a lake.

Red flowers on water in Kumphawapi. About 40 km south from Udon, on road no 2.. Look for sign along the road to see where to drive. Must see before 11 am. After that time, the flowers close. Season in december. Must in a boat to have a good look. The lake with the Lotus flower is the second biggest in the world.


10. Dam-Park and Ubonrat Golf course

Before Khon Kaen. About 20 km before you arrive Khon Kaen, you will see a sign about Dam, to the left. Drive another 20 km to the dam and golf-course. There is a beautiful park, restaurent and golf-course and this dam for el.power. Very beautiful place.


10b. Khon Kaen zoo:

Is before you arrive Khon Kaen. Big zoo. You can rent golf-car to

drive around in the zoo. Not many wild animals, but a relaxing tour.


11. Chiang Khan

Is a very beautiful city along Mekong river. Drive same way as to Loei and further to Mekong river on road 201. Long way. Maybe stay overnight.


12. Than Thong waterfalls.

100-110 km north/north west for Udon Thani. Drive towards Nong Khai City. Take road 211 to left. Follow 211 to Pha Tang, along Mekong river. Waterfalls are marked and is laying along the road. Nice place.


13. Phuphan Noy.

51 km from Udon. Little more than 1 hour driving towards Nong Bua Lam Phu . Very high cliffs. Beautiful view over Nong Bua Lam Phu.


14. Kham Chanot.

Ved Ban Dung. 1.5 hours drive from Udon.


15. Mekong River

In Nong Khai City. Take the tour through the special market before you walk along the beautiful walkway along the river. Many nice restaurents to sit down and eat etc


16. The Green Temple.

Drive 13-14 km north from ringroad 216, Udon, towards Nong Khai. Take road 2021 left to Ban Phu 45 - 50 km. Pass Ban Phu and Phu Phrabat Historical Park, on road 2348. Continue on the main road 20-30km, until you see mark and poster about Wat Phaphukon (temple name).


This place, also very interesting, you will find about 500 meter from the temple place.

17. PC CowboyTown. 7/10-2014- Day-tour. N 17o16’6’’ E 102o32’4’’


Drive on the road 210 from Udon Thani towards Nong Bua Lam Phu about 30-35 km. Look for big sign on right side. Drive in, about 4 km…

The beaf and the pork-chops were very delicious.


18. Wat Pha Tak Suea. N18o02'13'' E102o18'20''

about 110 km from Udon Thani. Drive towards Nong Khai and follow road to Tha Bhu.. Very beautiful views and temple. On the way to the view, you will also pass tobaco and pineapple farms, around here in middle of december:

N17o53'43'' E102o36'11''

19. Udon Water World, N17o26'23'' E102o42 '52''

Drive from the ringroad 210, Udon Thani, and out on road 3001 a few km. Look for big info-sign..Here is a lot of things to do for children and adults. And the food is delicious.

20. Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum 23/4-15. N 16o 40'45'' E 102o 16'05''


About 130 km from Udon Thani towards Nong Bua Lamphu, turn left. Mondays closed, if no holiday. Interesting, but remember to push start on the TV screens to get real info.


21. Phu Tok. 26/4-15.


About 200km from Udon Thani north/east.. Temple on top of 200 metres vertical cliff or mountain. Ladders and walkways are built around the mountain and upwards to the top. To walk up and down, you may need 2-3 hours and a lot of water. You will find it on YouTube.


22. Chet Si Waterfalls - 13/9-15 . N 18o 09'06'' E103o57'04'' .


About 190 km from Udon Thani, you will find this beautiful area of waterfalls. You have to prepair to walk about 1-1.5 km by foot from the car. But it is worth it. There is 4 levels of waterfall. We walked 1, 2 and 3. On the top you will se the lake and river the water come from..There is also one more waterfall about 30 km beside this one, but you have to cross a lake with a boat to see the waterfall. That is Tam Phra Waterfalls at: N18o 07'35'' E103o 59'49'' ... Have a nice tour..