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Victory Park Golf & Country Club

Start to play golf.?


Do you plan to start playing golf? Wherever you're driving to, ask for a "Pro" if you need training. 10 hour training usually costs around 5000 thb. I will not judge the golf-courses for I've only played golf since July 2011, but the ones we use most is b) - a) and of course e). Do you live near Udon Thani, so you can head to:


a) Srithani Golf Forest or Si Thanee as they also write it: N17o 19' 30'', E 102 o 47' 53'' Here they also have

a drivingrange for warm-up. 9 holes


b) Wing 23 also have a drivingrange: N17o 22' 43'', E 102o47'10''. Here you may deliver your car or mc-

license to the guard at the gate, for ID control. You get it back when you leave. You can get a special

ID access card made in the office just inside the main gate, with the two airplane outside. 9 holes.


c) Nong Samrong Golf-course also have drivingrange: N17o 26' 58'', E 102o 46'56'' 9 hull.


d) Udon Golf-club, about 20 km towards Nong Bua Lam Phu: N17o 17' 45'', E 102o 39' 39''


e) The most beautiful golf-course in our district is the 18-holes Victory Park Golf & Country

Club. Drive towards Nong Khai: N 17o 46' 34'', E 102o 49' 32'' . This course has a hotel and cottages for

stay overnight... They also have a drivingrange, but that is not always in use..


f) If you need a day with only technical training, you may drive to Sam Phao Golf Academy. THey have a

very nice drivingrange only, with good service... N17o 26' 10'', E102o 49' 49''. Ask for a "Pro", if you



g) And we can't jump over all the beautiful golf courses in Khon Kaen, but that is a longer drive from

Udon Thani. We have never been playing at those courses.


More photos come later...